Friday, February 20, 2009

Talented fam..

I was lucky enough to watch my sister's sing at a small little get together last week. I haven't had the chance to see them sing in a long time. They have always been very talented and really sing amazing together. Also, Jacque's daugther is singing in one of the clips.. what a beautiful voice at a young age. I took these small clips with my phone, so the sound is probably horrible, so don't turn your volume up too loud. They were just born with amazing voices, something I DO NOT HAVE:)


Lori's Family said...

I have always wanted to hear your sisters sing. They are so talented and beautiful. Your niece is the cutest girl. I want to hear them live sometime.

The knights are in said...

I love listening to your sisters sing. The Bowen Family reunion is not s reunion without your sisters voices. And Jackies daughter sounds great too. Sing is a talent I would to have. I hope to see you at Mckall's wedding shower this Saturday at my Grandpa George's house.