Sunday, February 22, 2009

One very pink eye and more randomness

This is my beautiful baby girl's curly hair!! I never knew until just recentely. Look how cute it is!
This next picture is very very precious to me. When I had Isaiah, all I wanted was for him to lay on me and fall asleep. This weekend London decided to start doing that to me all the time. She wants to lay down on me. It is the sweetest thing in the world and I told Jake... this is what being a mom is all about and it makes me feel so proud and loved.

And for the gross part- yet, very painful part... is my awesome PINK EYE, this picture was taken a few days ago.

And now this is my eye today... ya I don't think it's gotten much better. I am really in so much pain. So anyway.. this post was random, however it gives you an idea what went on around here...... a lot of nothing!! Oh and no.. Jake didn't beat me up..:)


Heather said...

thats so sad, and it looks so painful! Get better soon!

Lori's Family said...

Oh my gosh! Have you been to the Dr.? Looks like you need more than visine! Hope you are feeling better soon.

The Skinners said...

Oh your poor eye! Im sorry!!

Justin,Nikki, Alee, Soph, and Izee said...

I hope that you feel better soon! You're such a cute mom :)

Britney said...

Love those curls!

Hope you're feeling better.

Kimberly Lee said...

Charli had pink eye in both eyes last week, it was so sad!! The Dr. gave us amazing eyedrops that cleared it up in 24 hours, hopefully you got some. That sucks!!