Saturday, February 14, 2009

The romantic.

Six years ago today it really all began.. Jake and I were just barely starting to date. I was at work when I was told I had someone for me at the front desk. I remember walking up there looking at some guy that looked familiar, dressed up in a cupids outfit. He was half naked with funny looking ears and wings. He handed me 2 dozen roses and a card, and left. Come to find out, it was Matt Oman, Jake's friend that we went to high school with. After work I was driving home and as I pulled up to the driveway there were flower petals sprinkled from where I parked all the way in the house, down the stairs, to my bedroom to a note and a videotape. I was supposed to put the videotape in and play it. I started watching it and it was Jake and his cousin April driving around Centerville - where Jake and I had all of our first memories when we were in 9th grade. He had the video camera as he walked in Centerville Jr High where we first met and showed where we lockered, then to Ben Devoe's house where he first kissed me ... then went to his old house where I used to sneak out of Megan's house to go to his house in the night:) he he. Yes I was only 14. Then it showed him preparing "Cupid" to come to my work and preparing the flower petals at my house and then it showed him at a movie theater asking me to meet him there by a certain time. Boy, Jake definitely knows how to be a romantic. I still have that videotape somewhere and I can't wait to find it and watch it again... now we have 2 kids and actually STILL married through everything:)
I love you Jake.. thanks for making Valentine's always a special day. I'm excited for us to go to our favorite place to eat tonight.


Lori's Family said...

WOW!!!! Jake you romantic devil. Sounds like something out of a romantic movie, how sweet. Happy Valentines day. xoxo

linsey said...

oh, how sweet! you are both amazing people and such great examples to me! i just love you so much!!!